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LASIK, or Laser in-Situ Keratomilieusis offers a number of benefits over other forms of laser vision correction because it is performed under a protective layer of corneal tissue. As a result, there is less surface area to heal, less risk of corneal haze, less postoperative discomfort, less postoperative need for medications, and vision returns more rapidly, often within a day or so.

LASIK can also treat a higher range of vision errors. Although postoperative results vary, most patients are able to pass a driver’s license test without their glasses or contact lenses. Until recently, a blade (microkeratome) was used to cut a flap in the cornea (clear outer part of the eye) and the cornea beneath was reshaped with a cool, sensation-free laser.

Now, with the Intralase technology, no blades are used. This provides an even greater measure of accuracy. To learn more about the LASIK procedure, and if you may be a candidate, click here.

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